Hong Kong contemporary art biennial awards 2009

hk biennial 2009
As the exhibition didn’t allow photo taking, thus I tried to search on the web for the photos and put here. These are the works that trigger my thinking and would like to keep as a reference here:
[ I was strongly opposed the restriction of photo taking]

  1. To copy or to steal, or is it merely artwork? (2009) by Evelyna Liang / Liang Yee-woo - Oil on canvas, installation
  2. About the artist: http://www.2-woo.com/
    Image reference: http://www.youth.gov.hk/apps/en/showItem.do?item_id=G1006090032&artist=Evelyna%20Liang%20(Liang%20Yee-woo

    To Copy or to steal, or is it merely artwork? (2009) by Evelyna Lang

    > Feminist pick of original image.  By trying to explore different technique and reinterpret the original work, new work is reproduced with another form of creation. I like the idea…

  3. Wide Rothko (2008) by Joao Vasco Paiva – Video 10 mins
  4. Wide Rothko is an audio visual work that deals with sound and visual documents in a way to create a new kind of visualization. The work explores relations between abstractive and figurative imagery.

    The major idea follows the basics of earlier moving image toys or visual installations like the “Panorama”.
    Here, through a time delay and a spacial extension a new kind of visualization is created. Through the creation of patterns provided by the multiplication of the pixels in the frame , the video is displayed in a horizontal strip along the projection.

    More: http://joaovascopaiva.com/wide.html
    Wide Rothko by Vasco Paiva

    > A lot of different ways to explore on the topic – visualization. From data art, information design, audio visual work etc. I like the experimenting process. I see his constant development and research on this area of exploration.

  5. Inkman (2008) by Tong Wing Sze – Video 3 mins
  6. > Can’t find any image about this work, but she is graduated from Hong Kong Art School. This animated video is about a 3d running man that is dripping with ink. You can see a lot of experiment in between to form the moving figure and the outcome is aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Commoditizing Arts and Crafts (2008) by Luk Tsing Yuen – Polyurethane

  8. Commoditizing Arts and Crafts (2008) by Luk Tsing Yuen
    > He always express hk social issues via his handmade artwork, concept is explicitly delivered.

  9. Our AV Girls IV (2009) by Tam Kar Wing – Oil on paper and board
  10. About the artist: http://www.tamkarwing.com/
    Concept of the work: By combining both subjects of carton box as rubbish and Japanese porno in a piece of painting, artist reveals this social phenomena in our society. More:  http://www.tworunrun.com/our-av-girls.html

    Out AV Girls IV (2009) by Tam Kar Wing - Oil on paper and board

    > I like the materials texture and color which match with the subject, the clever use of negative and white space. I am more appreciate the execution and presentation rather than the concept behind, as I don’t really agree on the rubbish of this kind of jap porno, in this digital age, movies / photos are redistribute in the network media to satisfy the demand of audience. The value of behavior that the artist has mentioned become a controversial discourse from my perspective.

  11. Meat Data: Confession of an Internet porn junkie (2009) by Ip Yuk Yiu – Interactive Digital Media
  12. About the work and artist: MEAT DATA is an interactive video installation toying with internet pornography as a reflex and mirror of contemporary social unconscious. More –  http://www.experimenta-space.net/past-ExhibitionTester.html
    Meat Data: Confession of an Internet porn junkie (2009) by Ip Yuk Yiu

    > I recalled an artwork that I have seen before in V&A- Make out (2009) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer on the kissing scene interactive display. Yuk’s work play around with sound sequencing and video rendering. Some of my friend dislike this work, probably audience may just think of another avant garde video and the outcome is difficult to understand on the concept behind. I think one of the difficulties of new media art work is difficult to map out the logic and sequence on making the artwork, and very different from visual art to experiment a new display format. Particularly, with just only a caption and medium, it is still difficult. For myself, I am fond of digital art especially in the context of internet, information and datascape.

  13. Record: light from +22° 16′ 14″ +114° 68′ 48″ (2008) by Kingsley Ng – Video Installation
  14. About the work:  The visual and sound were interpreted from the bursts of light in Victoria Peak of the harbor. The work seeks to examine the relationship between public spaces and the city’s inhabitants and visitors, as well as to subvert the usual experience of physical sensorial bombardment that comes with experiencing a city’s key attractions.
    Record: light from +22° 16′ 14″ +114° 68′ 48″ (2008) by Kingsley Ng - Video Installation

    > Interesting pick of flashing light, he always explore the unusual technical challenge as well.

  15. A brand new game (2007) by Alan Chan – Digital print on canvas a set of 10
  16. A brand new game (2007) by Alan Chan

    > A neat design that ironically swap two different brand, by placing a repetitive recognizable brand icon into a competitor’s design with tag line. My friend from Marketing and commercial background said, “it seems the design is to show the fake message in nowadays, feel the harmony display even the brand has swapped.” However my other friend dislike this work. I think this work touch base on more commercial reflection rather than an art / emotion expression, or materials experimentation. And, yes i feel the harmony display as well for mixing various commercial tagline, logo etc, message is basically just created by human and see how you manipulate with the concept.

  17. Dao Gives Birth to One (2008) by Hung Keung + imhk lab: achievement awards
  18. About the work: http://www.hungkeung.hk/dao/dao_proposal.html
    Dao Gives Birth to One (2008) by Hung Keung + imhk lab

    > I have seen his work for quite a number of times in different occasion, but still just only know a very minimal of “Dao”, or basically he just captured a key concept and manifest in different ways. A work about relationship with chinese calligraphy, human body parts, space, universe and interaction.

  19. Stolen Times for Sale (2008) by Silas Fong (Video installation) : Young artist awards
  20. About the work: The performer steals time from strangers through pressing the button of elevators. The stolen times are recorded as video and are being exhibited in a gallery. More – http://silasfong.com/news/?p=14

    Stolen Times for Sale (2008) by Silas Fong

    > The time stolen from the audience is converted to sales items in varies price base on certain criteria, a clever & interesting concept and the use of title as well.  Artwork can be as products for sales in a different ways, not only painting or official photos , digital print etc.


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